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Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, spectacular history, thriving culture, endless shopping, unbelievable dining and lively nightlife – this is Istanbul. Amid the whirl of excitement you will find Titanic City Hotel in Taksim, a timeless landmarked Istanbul hotel defining the next generation of style.

A cultural oasis amid a bustling metropolis, Titanic City Hotel Taksim continues the tradition of defining hospitality through unmatched four star plus service, with a modern spirit.


Lamartin Cad. No 47
34437 Istanbul, Turkey
+90 (0) 212 238 90 90

Titanic City Taksim Hotel

Lamartin Cad. No 47
34437 Istanbul, Turkey
+90 (0) 212 238 90 90

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Driving Directions

From Atatürk Airport (IST)

Take the airport exit and turn to first right intersection and follow the signs for the Sirkeci / Sahilyolu (parallel to the coast). After about 15 km you will come to roundabout of Yenikapı. Turn left from the roundabout towards the Taksim sign. Keep straight to Taksim. After approximately 5 km you will reach Taksim Square where you will be following signs towards Talimhane.


From Atatürk Airport (IST)

  • We offer a private transfer service from/to İstanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) both ways with comfortable vans for up to 6 people. The service costs EUR 50 for one way and EUR 100 for round trip. If you prefer to use this service, please contact us directly with your flisght and pax details: +90 212 238 90 90,
  • Transportation by 7/24 Airport taxis takes around 30-45 minutes from Ataturk International Airport depending upon traffic. The cost is approximately EUR. 20.-
  • Havataş shuttle is a direct service from both airports to Taksim. The bus stop is 100 meters to the hotel and can be used for both ways. To check the timetable and fares at Havataş site click here.
  • If you don't have much to carry, you can also use the M1A metro line from Ataturk Airport to Yenikapi and change to M2 Haciosman metro line to get off at Taksim station which is 350 meters from the hotel. To check the metro network map click here.

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)

  • We offer a private transfer service Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) both ways with comfortable vans for up to 6 people. The service costs EUR 80 for one way and EUR 160 for round trip. If you prefer to use this service, please contact us directly with your flisght and pax details: +90 212 238 90 90,
  • Transportation by 7/24 Airport taxis takes around 60-90 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport depending upon traffic. The cost is approximately EUR. 45.-
  • Havataş shuttle is a direct service from both airports to Taksim. The bus stop is 100 meters to the hotel and can be used for both ways. To check the timetable and fares at Havataş site click here.

Our reception desk will be delighted to assist with car and private transfer arrangements. Taxis are readily available at the front of hotel and can be obtained 7/24.


The hotel has no private carpark but parking is available in the surrounding area and charges are applicable. Nearest parking is under Haberturk News Building just across the hotel and 24 hours parking costs 24 Turkish Liras. To see on map click here.


  • Metro Station & Bus Stops 0.2 KM / 0.1 MI
  • Taksim Square & Istiklal Street 0.5 KM / 0.3 MI
  • Lütfi Kırdar Convention Centre (ICEC) 1.5 KM / 0.9 MI
  • Topkapi Palace & Blue Mosque 5.5 KM / 3.4 MI
  • Levent & Kanyon Shopping Mall 8 KM / 4.9 MI
  • CNR Expo 20 KM / 12.4 MI
  • Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) 20 KM / 12.4 MI
  • Tüyap Fair 40 KM / 24.8 MI
  • Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) 45 KM / 27.9 MI


There's more than one way to discover Istanbul. Whether you are a first time visitor or just looking for new things to see and do in Istanbul, we have a list of must do things for you. Take a tour into the the city's famous history, savor the local cuisine, check out some of the gift shops featuring local designs, walk across the Galata Bridge or just sit, relax and people-watch at one of the cafés.

We will also be delighted to arrange you sightseeing tours on request. Just check out the brochures below and you may contact front desk or send an email to: for any arrangements.

Byzantine & Ottoman RelicsBosphorus Cruise & Dolmabahce Palace - Byzantium & Golden Horn - Princess Islands & Dinners

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, one of the most important constructions survived until today, is a monument built by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537 .

It was used as a church with the name of Great Church in Byzantine Empire for 916 years and used as a mosque with the name of Great Mosque in the world of Islam for 481 years. It has been open to visitors since 1935 when it was transformed into a museum. Do not forget to visit Istanbul’s dear masterpiece which has survived until today with its magnificence and architecture.

Turkish Coffee

When you want to have a coffee, a question follows this order . Plain back coffee, coffee with a of little sugar or coffee with sugar ? Your coffee is served with the exact taste according to your answer. It is served in its special cup with a glass of water and a Turkish delight .

There are lots of kinds of coffee but what makes Turkish coffee different is the way it is ground, made and presented. It is the only kind served with its grounds. If you are in Istanbul now, choose a seat with a view, lean back and take a sip of your foamy coffee. If you think the ceremony is over with the last sip of your coffee, you are wrong. Turn your cup upside down, wait untill it gets cool and if you have someone who can tell your fortune with you, let him/her say what will happen in the near future.

Topkapi Palace

It’s built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1478. It has been used as the seat of power and the official residency of the sultans for nearly 380 years until the construction of Dolmabahce Palace.

The palace became vacant with due to the shift towards the other palaces such as Dolmabahce and Yildiz, among others. Though not totally abandoned, it was opened to public visits in 1924, following a series of small renovations. The seat of power from which the Ottoman sultans ruled the world during the ascendance period, Topkapi Palace also houses one of the most famous diamonds in the world, ‘Spoonmaker’s Diamond’, which is amonst the treasures worth seeing in Istanbul.

Turkish Bath

As an important element of Anatolian culture for centuries, bath consists more profound values than just bathing.

It’s amongst the places were woman socialized and where prenuptial rituals were conducted along with its elements such as the wooden sandals and the tummy stone. Bath culture is an important element in Turkish culture. This ancient tradition invites its enthusiasts who seek spiritual and corporeal purification with its current counterparts.

Blue Mosque

Sultanahmet Mosque has been built between 1609 – 1616. Adorned with more than 20,000 blue, green and white Iznik tiles and called ‘Blue Mosque‘ by most Europeans due to the penmanship used on the semi – domes and the grand dome.

After the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a museum from mosque in 1934, the structure become Istanbul’s primary mosque. Actually, Sultanahmet Mosque, with its adjacent structures, is amongst Istanbul’s largest complexes. These adjacent structures consist of medreses, nobleman’s quarters, market row, Turkish bath, fountain, tombs, medical quarters, school, almshouse and lodgings.


Kebab is one of the most important values of Turkish food culture.

From the preparation of its meat to the spices added, from its sauce to way it is cooked, kebab has a wide range of flavor alternatives. Although Istanbul is not where kebab originated, you can find various places as sertive about and qualified in kebab here. Those who are fond of their paşatal delight should not leave Istanbul without having a good kebab feast in lunch or dinner.

Yerebatan & Binbirdirek Cistern

According to the resources, Binbirdirek Cistern was built by Constantine I the Emperor in the 4th century and Basilica Cistern was built by Justinian I, the Emperor of Byzantine in 542 in order to meet the water need of the palace.

Both of the cisterns which are in the middle of the historical peninsula have legends reached the present day. The isteresting legends of the Basilica and the Binbirdirek Cisterns make them more mysterious and intriguing. You must experience the history – smelling atmosphere of these important constructions of Istanbul.

Simit - Tea - Cheese

Those who have never tasted simit before can think it is only dough covered with sesame. However, simit is one of the indispensable flavors of Turkish culture.

Believe that crispy, hot simit with some kashar cheese or white cheese according to your taste accompanied by a well-steeped, hot tea will be more delicious than lots of other meals. The simit – cheese – tea trio is a perfect snack for breakfast in the morning, for five o’clock tea in the evening or when you feel hungry.

Galata Tower

Built in 528; used as dungeon in the 15th century and fire observatory in the 16th century, the great landmark of the Genoese architecture from which Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi took his flight on wooden wings, now serves as a touristic site.

The cafe and restaurant at the Galata Tower, with their panoramic view of Istanbul, are at the service of its visitors from nine in the morning until midnight. The environs, which has housed many civilizations, promises leisure for boutique managers with Galata Tower’s history-enshrined spirit.

Water Pipe Pleasure in Tophane

Hookah pleasure in Tophane is one of the first things to recommend those who say they want to do something pleasing in İstanbul.

Smoking hookah is not an action that you can do in a hurry. First you should setle down one of the places laid together in Tophane and then order backgammon, a Turkish coffee and a hookah. Your hookah might be with melon, milk, strawberry, etc according to your taste. Then what you should only do is to enjoy yourself. Let me tell in advance that the ritual of smoking hookah lasts 1-2 hours. It is not a pleasure that you can enjoy hastily.

Cite de Pera

The place which had been called as Hristaki Pasaji changed its name into Çiçek Pasaji since lots of florist shops opened in the armistice years.

The meyhanes originally opened in 1940s (especially Nektar Beerhouse) magnetized a crowd of customers. When the florists start to disperse on different streets in 1950s, new meyhanes continued to be built in place of the florists. At the end of 1950s, the name ‘Çiçek’ (flower) was only there as a memory, and the passage took its meyhane form completely. The neglected building, which fell down suddenly in only one night on May 10, 1978, returned to business in 2005 again and now it is serving those who like raki, fish and side dishes accompanied by fasıl.

Ferries & Bophorus Tour

Ferries are inseparable parts of the life in Istanbul. They’re a daily pleasure in a coastal city.

If you’d like to have a short break on the Strait of Istanbul, which is considered to a natural border between Asia and Europe, and a passage of strategic importance, then you can experience a different pleasure by hopping on one of the ferries, throw some pretzel at the seagulls, in the company of a well-simmered tea. If you’d like to lengthen the leisure and desire to view the manors lined up across the coast upon the blue waters of the Bosphorus, then tours with meals and entertainment are just for you. Lying down on a boat, passing across the Lysander’s Tower and staring with awe at the imposing Galata Tower and passing under the bridges that connect Asia to Europe, you will experience many emotions that shift from admiration to curiosity spanning across time.

Grand Bazaar

The oldest and biggest indoor bazaar of the world is in the center of the city of Istanbul.

Just like a giant labyrinth, it has 60 streets and more than three thousand shops. Everybody interested in Istanbul has planned to stop by the Grand Bazaar some time. For some it means carpet, antique, for some others it means mystery or a historical place to be seen. The lively, inviting area is one of the places in Istanbul that you must visit and experience.

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