Page 5 - Titanic Hotels Hygiene Manifest
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• Our employees undergo general medical screening before starting to work and their temperatures
          are taken with digital thermometers. Our employees who have high fever and symptoms related to
          the disease are not allowed to work. Our employees who don't feel well, don't come to work or even
          if they do, they aren't allowed to work.
 Hygiene of our hotel employees who are in direct or indirect relationship with you, our esteemed   • Employee uniforms are frequently changed and washed and our employees undergo disinfection
 guests and who are also be known to be in contact with each other, keeping them healthy and raising   before starting to work.
 their awareness about this issue are one of the most important factors for an effective general
 hygiene practice. Our measures taken and practices in this respect are as follows.  • Sufficient disinfection units are available in all common areas used by employees and in the
          background working units. No matter in which department any of our employees works, he/she
 • Staff Shuttles used by our employees for coming to the workplace and leaving there, are disinfected   must wash his/her hands every hour according to the rule and disinfect his/her hands.
 before and after each service. Our employees have to wear a protective mask during transfers and
 safe physical distance rule is applied since 50% of the capacities of shuttles are used.  • Our employees working in housekeeping, cleaning services, food and beverage production areas and
          in the background such as dish washing area must wear mask and disposable gloves.

        • There are posters and brochures on pandemic and hygiene issues in all common areas used by
          employees and a safe physical distance rule is applied in these areas.
        • Each of our employees knows and applies safe physical distance rule in their relations with our
          guests and between each other. Our employees who are in direct contact with the guests use mask
          when necessary.
        • Our certified Workplace Doctors work for our employees at all our hotels. We have action plans in
          possible cases.

        • Trainings have been provided for all of our employees about pandemic, protection methods and
          transmission ways by specialist firms and medical teams since the beginning of the pandemic
          process and they are repeated continuously. These issues are constantly emphasized in Operations
          meetings held every day.
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