Page 9 - Titanic Hotels Hygiene Manifest
P. 9

• Great care is taken to clean surfaces that are always touched, door handles, handrails, elevators,
          elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilets in all common areas and water closets, diluted
          bleach and chlorine tablets are used after cleaning with water and detergent. Every second urinal is
          out of use. Our employees doing all these works do this by using mask and disposable gloves.
        • Hand disinfection apparatus and units are available at all points needed in all our common areas,
          water closets and they are followed meticulously.
        • Cleaning and disinfection intervals are checked by means of detailed lists prepared by increasing
        • Capacity utilization of our elevators is limited so that only members of one family or 4 people from
          the same group or 2 people who don't know each other get on it at the same time. Use instructions
          of the elevator are placed in visible places.
        • Sitting sets in all common areas and general areas have been rearranged by considering safe
          physical distances.

 In all our hotels, we work with Diversey and Ecolab Companies which are internationally known for
 chemical cleaning products. Diversey and Ecolab Companies provide detailed training for our relevant
 employees at regular intervals. Therefore, it is ensured that proper chemicals are used at the
 appropriate dose during cleaning. Cleaning works are done with proper cleaning materials and
 different equipment for each area.
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