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Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek Beach Cabana Couple
Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek Riverside Dining
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Honeymoon Benefits

You may make an unforgetable beginning to your new life with the special benefits of Titanic Hotels for honeymooners. Book your honeymoon directly from our website or call us to book on the phone and enjoy these privileges.

Services provided for the honeymoon guests at Titanic Hotels in Antalya & Bodrum:

  • Based on availability of the hotel, the best room in the related category
  • Sparkling wine and fruit plate at the check-in. Cake and Turkish dessert plate
  • VIP amenities set
  • Flowers in the room
  • Special bed clothes
  • Traditional Turkish breakfast in a requested day in the special restaurant
  • Free reservation in Italian or fish à la carte restaurant in a requested day
  • Priority in à la carte reservations, table decorations
  • 20% discount in BeFine SPA charged programs

Phone: 0850 460 60 00

Available at 4 hotels


Special Offers

Stay Longer

Stay More Pay Less

Available at 4 hotels
Long Stay at Titanic Chaussee Berlin

Long Stay in Berlin

Available at 1 hotels
Book Direct with Benifits

Book Direct with Benefits

Available at 11 hotels