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Tini Kids Club

Children will play and learn while having fun in Tini Kids Club.

Tini Kids Club offers special programs and activities for 4-12 year old children according to their skills and fields of interest. Children will discover their talents and have an enjoyable holiday with Tini Kids Club.

According to age groups Tini Kids Club offers exclusive programs for children such as children disco, activities, shows, educational entertainments designed specially for kids.

Tini Kids Club is managed by expert and professional teams which can speak different foreign languages.

Infants aged 0-3 can develop their talents with suitable activities for their age groups in company with their parents.

  • Children shows
  • Disco
  • Game park
  • Baby food heater
  • Football field
  • Aquapark
  • Coloring books and balloons
  • Babysitter (paid service)
  • Sleeping room
  • Diaper changing room
  • Kids’ Pool