Page 3 - Titanic Hotels Hygiene Manifest
P. 3

As Titanic Hotels Group, a new set of
        standards have been added to our hygiene
        and cleanliness procedures that we
        implement in our hotels that we operate
        in Turkey and Germany regarding
        • “Operational considerations for
          managing COVID-19 cases/outbreak”
          judicial publication published by World
          Health Organization (WHO) for
          Hospitality Industry,
        • Statements and recommendations of
          TR Ministry of Health, Science Board,
        • Statements and recommendations of
          Ministry of Health of Federal Republic of
          Germany and Berlin State
        • Opinions and suggestions of local
          health units and sector unions
        due to Covid-19  pandemic.
        Our Central Pandemic Monitoring Board
        which we created at the very beginning of
        pandemic process that is experienced,
        constantly follows the agenda and
        developments. With determinations and
        recommendations of the Board, necessary
        revisions are made in procedures and
        implementations in accordance with
        developing new conditions.
        Also, Workplace Health and Safety
        Committees were created under the
        chairmanship of our General Managers to
        be in charge of implementing the action
        plans developed by taking quick decisions
        thanks to fast and healthy communication
        in our hotels and necessary trainings were
        also provided for the committee
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