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The name TITANIC HOTELS, was on agenda after the opening of the first resort hotel of the group, ship-shaped, 5-star hotel with 653 rooms, Titanic Beach Lara in Antalya, Turkey in 2003The Group’s story of Hotel Management started in 1998. Tourism Investments started in Istanbul, Turkey in 1998 with a hotel offering 45 rooms and continued in 2000 with a new hotel offering 100 rooms in Istanbul, Turkey again.

In conjunction with the admired success of Turkey’s first concept hotel -Titanic Beach Lara - in service industry, all the hotels of the Group united under the brand mark TITANIC HOTELS. The brand was born in Turkey and has become an important global label, supporting Turkish Economy and creating vital recruitment with its corporations.

3 stars / 55 Rooms

4 stars / 202 Rooms

5 stars / 586 Rooms

5 stars / 192 Rooms

5 stars / 189 Rooms

Private Health Certificated / 41 Rooms

226 Rooms

5 stars / 596 Rooms

208 Rooms

389 Rooms

5 stars / 400 Rooms

5 stars / 543 Rooms

With a total of 3.660 room capacity and 13 hotels, AYG Group plans to continue its righteous success with a chain of hotels both locally and globally.