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Ferries and Bosphorus Tour

Ferries are inseparable parts of the life in Istanbul. They're a daily pleasure in a coastal city. If you'd like to have a short break on the Strait of Istanbul, which is considered to a natural border between Asia and Europe, and a passage of strategic importance, then you can experience a different pleasure by hopping on one of the ferries, throw some pretzel at the seagulls, in the company of a well-simmered tea. If you'd like to lengthen the leisure and desire to view the manors lined up across the coast upon the blue waters of the Bosphorus, then tours with meals and entertainment are just for you. Lying down on a boat, passing across the Lysander's Tower and staring with awe at the imposing Galata Tower and passing under the bridges that connect Asia to Europe, you will experience many emotions that shift from admiration to curiosity spanning across