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Istanbul Akvaryum

Istanbul Akvaryum offers a distinct experience in Istanbul. The greatest themed aquarium in world, with 22,000 square meters capacity. It encompasses 6,800-meter cubes water capacity, 1,2-kilometer walking course and 1,000-meter square rainforest. The facility provides a natural route ranging from the Black Sea to the Pacific. The thematic presentation consists of graphic displays in accordance to cultural, historical and architectural features, along with decorative elements, interactive games and detailed films. With 16 themes and its cutting-edge technology, the establishment goes beyond the regular aquarium experience. Promising an interesting and entertaining experience, Istanbul Aquarium also features 15,000 creatures from 1.500 species in its great scale and the distinction of being the world's greatest themed aquarium.

available hours

10:00 - 19:00


Phone: +90 4449744