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Eyup Sultan - Pierre Loti

Eyüp is one of the most mystical districts of Istanbul. This is due the fact that many historically important figures were interred with the confines of Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Tomb of Eyüp Sultan and the district. The Tomb is named after Ebu Eyyub al-Ensari, who was visited by Mohammed the Prophet during his first visit to Medina. As one of the frequent points of visit for both natives and tourists, Eyüp Sultan Mosque will attract you with its distinct atmosphere. The ever-crowded Eyüp assumes a different atmosphere. Don't forget taking souvenir shops and taking a stroll through the district after visiting the mosque and the tomb. Ultimately, you can complete your trip with at Pierre Loti, which you can reach after a short trip with the cable car or with a short walk through the cemeteries. Dust off your weariness with a cup of Turkish coffee and the unique view of the Golden Horn, while enjoying this distinct location.

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