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    Titanic Beach Lara presents what's new in 2021:
    Taste Revolution
    Enjoy elegant dinners with prominent tastes at new a la carte restaurants this summer at Titanic Beach Lara.
    Beef Grill Club, the Steakhouse brand of Titanic Hotels that became widespread in Europe, is at Titanic Beach Lara this summer. In Beef Grill Club which stands out with its elegant and classy decoration and extends towards the end on the front deck of the ship themed architecture, meats carefully prepared and preserved under special conditions, are cooked by skilled chefs in a way to appeal to your taste buds and served with impressive presentations.
    Asia Restaurant which attracts attention with its exotic decoration, will take you on a journey of unique tastes with its master chefs who turn the food into a feast with their fascinating shows.
    Pascarella Restaurant will present classical and distinguished Italian tastes in an authentic atmosphere with its new decoration reflecting the lush gardens of Italy in the warmth of trattoria.
    Enjoy the most special sea food and ve fresh fish alternatives on the beach in company with the sounds of waves.

    A New Accommodation Experience That Has Become Integrated with Thematic Architecture
    New duplex rooms decorating the hotel's classical thematic architecture with modern lines, offer a luxurious accommodation experience for families with children. More private space creates a more comfortable holiday opportunity for families in the rooms where deep blue Mediterranean Sea can be seen from 2 floors.

    Beach and Pool Pleasure
    While our little guests play games all day long in the newly created sand and grass playground that is safe and enjoyable as well, parents will enjoy the sea and sun. New Aquapark offering different forms of slides is waiting for both children and adults for an exciting water adventure.
    Farklı formlarda kaydırakların buluştuğu yeni Aquapark, heyecan dolu su macerası için hem çocukları hem yetişkinleri bekliyor.

    Summer Pleasure
    Beach Grocery that will serve all day long with colorful and fresh fruit varieties coming from Antalya gardens and Ice Cream & Waffle Corner that is the favorite taste of summer with its different varieties, are waiting for you to enjoy the summer.

    Health and Safety


    While safety and welfare of our guests and team members is always our priority, we have implemented additional measures in response to the impact of Covid-19 to mitigate any potential risks and follow the recommended guidelines from the health authorities.

    We continue to closely monitor the government advise and we are going to keep our policy updated as necessary here on our website.

    We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are proactively implementing additional hygiene procedures and precautions to ensure that the highest possible standards are upheld throughout every area and service which the hotel provides, for its guests as well as our own team.

    The following measures and actions have been put in place to ensure safety and highest standards of hygiene at Titanic Hotels:

    Safe Tourism Certified

    Aligned with the recommendation of Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency and the government guidelines, our properties have been entitled to receive Safe Tourism Certificate by RoyalCert, a global certification company. You may view or download our certificates below:

    Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek Safe Tourism Certificate
    Titanic Business Kartal Safe Tourism Certificate
    Titanic Port Bakirkoy Safe Tourism Certificate
    Titanic City Taksim Safe Tourism Certificate
    Titanic Comfort Sisli Safe Tourism Certificate
    Titanic Anadolu Gebze Safe Tourism Certificate

    Hygiene Manifest

    Taking this commitment a step further, we have introduced the Titanic Hotels Hygiene Manifest, a list of additional standards and measures in response to the impact of Covid-19 to mitigate any potential risks and follow the recommended guidelines from the health authorities.

    Hygiene Standards Video

    We have also created short videos to explain our health and safety practices at both city and resort hotels.

    City Hotels Hygiene Standards Video
    Resort Hotels Hygiene Standards Video

    Direct Booking Benefits


    Book your room directly on our website and enjoy a minimum of 5% discount on online rates.

    Also become a member for free and enjoy an extra 5% discount and other benefits.


    Members will receive:

    • 5% Extra discount on public rates
    • Early check-in after 11:00*
    • Late check-out until 14:00*
    • 20% Discount on all spa treatments

    *Subject to availability

    Watch this video to see how to become a member and enjoy extra benefits!



    One of the leading hotel groups in Turkey, Titanic Hotels was included in the Turquality Brand Support program, which is the only government-sponsored branding program in the world, in line with its goal of becoming a global brand.

    With this momentum of development offered by the program, Titanic Hotels is making rapid progress towards achieving its strategic goals and becoming a global brand.


    We are hosting congresses and conventions of important brands and medical associations in the Congress Center of our Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek hotel that has a gala hall of 2,500 people and convention halls and workrooms in different sizes. In addition to the national and international medical congresses, seminars of major brands, such as Mercedes and Pfizer are held at the complex that offers the opportunity of having a holiday in outside the meeting times with its temperate climate and unique nature.

    Discover the lively square Gendarmenmarkt!

    Discover the lively square Gendarmenmarkt!

    Giving the name to Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, one of the 3 hotels of Titanic Hotels in Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt Square, which is one of the most important squares in Berlin, is considered the meeting point in Berlin.

    Receiving its name from the cavalrymen, which were on duty until 1773 in Gens d'Armes unit, Gendarmenmarkt Square hosts the German and French cathedrals and historic opera building.

    Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, opened by restoring the costume building of the opera faithfully to the original and brought into service, is in Französische Straße, which is one of the most original points in the city with its historic atmosphere.

    Titanic Gendarmenmarkt Berlin offers a privileged accommodation experience with 208 rooms with high standards, spa area, which extends over 1000 square meters and ostentatious Turkish bath, ball room and meeting halls and a gym, equipped with state of the art technologies.

    Titanic Golf Club

    It's Golf Time at Titanic

    It is high time to enjoy a good game and fresh air at Titanic Golf Club, the favorite place of golf lovers with its courses with sea, river and forest views. It is just enough to bring your golf clubs to test your skills in the courses each is more challenging than the other and are positioned in harmony with the extraordinary natural environment. Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek right next to the golf course has anything you need for a perfect stay. A complete Spa care which will prepare you for the new game and a pleasing dinner will complete your golf pleasure.

    Hasır Restoran

    Hasir Restaurant

    There is no one who has gone to Berlin and did not eat anything in one of Hasir Restaurants. Hasir Restaurant with its certified high-quality which has opened in Berlin in 1970s and become famous by promoting traditional Turkish cuisine in Germany mainly with its doner kebab is waiting for its guests for a privileged diner.

    Hasir Restaurant, where you will experience classical and local tastes and mainly the special appetizers and kebabs of the Anatolian cuisine identified with Titanic Hotels as well as specific tastes of Hasir, serves its guests at Titanic Hotels in Belek and Bodrum.  

    So to speak, the tastes of Hasir gain a place in the palates of its guests. Indispensible and long-awaited classical tastes of Titanic guests, doner and delicious pitas jollify palates. Hamsikoy Rice Milk Pudding and Milky Nuriye are the favorite desserts of both Turkish and foreign visitors.

    Beef Grill Club by Hasir

    Beef Grill Club by Hasir

    Beef Grill Club by Hasir concept which has arisen through combination of Hasir Restaurant experience with the cuisine trends of recent years is based on a traditional grill pleasure in a prominent and elegant Steakhouse atmosphere.

    Meats which are carefully prepared, maintained in special conditions, matured in Himalayan Salt and with Dry-Aged Beef specialty are cooked by skilful chefs through methods suitable for your palatal taste and served with impressive presentations in Beef Grill Club, the restaurant brand of Titanic Hotels which has spread Europe.  

    Beef Grill Club which has high marks from all its guests both with beautiful view and meticulously designed interior decorations will be your first choices for an elegant dinner in Belek and Bodrum. The atmosphere of the place which has a more spacious layout with its stylish table clothes and mirrors and tables colored by candles and elegant lights make Beef Grill Club different.

    Titanic Hotels

    Your holiday, your story at Titanic Hotels… Superb Tastes, Special Concerts, Night Shows and Activities for Children…

    Bringing modern, chic and tasteful concept together with luxury and comfort, Titanic Hotels, one of the most elite hotel chains in Turkey, is waiting for its guests to its world, full of privileges, in this summer as well.

    A summer holiday, full of entertainment, peace and pleasure awaits you, at Titanic Deluxe Bodrum, located in Guvercinlik, which is one of the most beautiful coves in Bodrum, at Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek, with its spectacular views and just beside Besgoz River with evergreen nature, turquoise blue sea and blue crabs, at Titanic Beach Lara, the pearl of the Mediterranean Coast.

    Turkish breakfast in Berlin

    Turkish breakfast in Berlin

    Titanic Hotels successfully reflecting Turkish hospitality in its hotels in Germany, presents Turkish tastes pioneered by itself to its guests with the most prestigious and tasteful versions and creates a difference through with special tastes such as Turkish tea, Turkish bagel – “simit” and pepperoni omelet for breakfasts as one of the most important aspects of our cuisine.

    Jumping Fitness Storm in BeFine Sports & SPA

    Jumping Fitness Storm in BeFine Sports & SPA

    Combining sports with enjoyment, Jumping Fitness is one of the most popular exercise methods today. In Turkey, Jumping Fitness is only provided by the licensed coaches of BeFine Sports & Spa. Jumping Fitness lets you work more than 400 muscles at the same time and therefore it is accepted as very effective condition training. Stop by Titanic Port Bakırköy branch of BeFine Sports & Spa in order to experience the joy of Jumping Fitness.

    Hosting the important Congress

    Hosting the Important Congresses

    Having 16 meeting halls – the biggest one is 2.000 square meter, Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek and having 10 meeting halls – each has a different dimension and the biggest one is 1990 square meter, Titanic Beach Lara host important meetings, seminars and events in this season like every year.

    The annual evaluation seminar of Pfizer, the world leading medicine company in the world, will be held in Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek. The traditional motivational events by Anadolu Efes were conducted in Titanic Beach Lara like every year. Titanic Congress Center will be hosting several national and international medicine and technology congresses in this season.

    Titanic Deluxe Bodrum also hosted  the interesting events in its first season. One of the most prestigious car brands, Audi introduced its 2017 models in Titanic Deluxe Bodrum. Moreover, a ball night was held in Titanic Deluxe Bodrum for the Yves Roche Turkish team.

    Titanic Deluxe Belek

    Beef Grill Club – Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek

    With its location by the Acısu River, authentic decoration and perfect landscape, Beef Grill Club will be your first choice for an elegant dinner night on holiday. Beef Grill Club, the brand of Titanic Hotels spreading through Europe, serves the delicious meats which are specially prepared and stored under special conditions after the skillful chefs cook them with the methods according to your concept of delight.

    T-Bone Steak, as the proof of the idiom “The most delicious part of the meat is where it is close to the bone” or Chateaubriand – the most popular meal of French cuisine and having a very popular serving –with a strong flavored wine suggested by the wine experts of Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek to match your meat will be a perfect final for the day.

    Titanic Deluxe Bodrum

    Pita Bread and Doner – The Registered Tastes of Titanic Hotels

    The registered flavors of Titanic Hotels, döner and pita bread will turn your lunch into a festival. Leaving a mark on the mouth, the traditional Turkish tastes – döner and pita bread will be a delicious legend that Titanic Hotels guests cannot forget…

    The hot, crispy and unforgettable pita bread alternatives cooked with wood fire will sweep you off your feet. The story which introduces döner to Germany continues in Titanic Hotels. Being popular as a taste worth experiencing, döner is a must for the guests of Titanic Hotels.

    Tini Kids Club

    Kids are Happy in Tini Kids Club

    Designed specially by considering every single detail for the comfort and entertainment for the little guests, Tini Kids Club makes your children forget about the time. Thanks to the indoor and outdoor game areas designed for different age groups, the kids are happy and their families are in peace…

    Titanic Golf Club

    Become a member of Titanic Golf Club and benefit from its privileges

    Titanic Golf Club continues to develop sharing all the wealth in its body with its selective club members and guests. Titanic Golf Club offers its members many privileges such as discount at the Club House Restaurant & Bar and the Proshop, discount golf lessons at Titanic Golf Academy, and besides these free trolley and tokens.  

    Titanic Sports Center

    Titanic Sports Center is hosting important European teams!

    Titanic Sports Center, serving to professional football, swimming, tennis and canoe teams and athletes with its football fields in FIFA standards, Olympic swimming pools and tennis courts, is hosting important teams in January such as Stuttgart, Austria Wien and Hansa Rostock.

    Enjoying the Cabana and Gazebo

    Enjoying the Cabana and Gazebo

    Cabanas located on the poolside and Gazebos situated on the riverbank at Titanic Deluxe Golf Belek will add a further privilege to your holiday along with customized other services for you to enjoy your holiday. Very special and unique holiday memories where you will forget all of your past holiday experiences are awaiting you.