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Spa Resort in Antalya

Befine Spa

Titanic Beach Lara Be Fine Spa

BeFine SPA, where all details have been designed meticulously, is one of the indispensable places of Titanic Deluxe Lara. The rooms, each designed specially, its resting and purifying programs prepared with utmost care are the address of those, who desire to load with positive energy with exotic smells and various options of presentations.

Experience the pleasure of the perfect touches of expert therapists at the sessions with cosmetics of world brands and of relaxing your body.

You can move away from fatigue and stress and feel the relaxation and comfort in the specially illuminated star-shaped steam room, the sauna made of Finnish pine trees with a heating part covered with volcanic Stones, Ice Grotto, indoor-pool, relaxation room and the pleasure of a bath.