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Bistro 24 at Titanic Luxury Collection Bodrum
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Bistro 24

As a 24/7 à la carte restaurant, Bistro 24 offers a sensational all-day dining experience without the need for reservations. Here at Bistro 24, we believe that happiness knows no time constraints, and neither should your appetite!

Our restaurant boasts a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor dining areas, thoughtfully designed to cater to all preferences. Step inside our cozy, chic interior, adorned with warm lighting and elegant décor, where you can savor your meal in a relaxed and intimate setting. Alternatively, immerse yourself in nature's beauty and take a seat in our enchanting outdoor dining area, where stunning vistas of the surrounding lush landscapes and mesmerizing sea views await you.

Our à la carte menu is embracing both international and local influences, our diverse menu caters to a wide array of palates, ensuring there's something to please every discerning diner.

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