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Family holidays in Antalya

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The Beach

You can enjoy the cool water and the sun with the 1000 m long sandy beach of the most beautiful turquoise Mediterranean and the magnificent sea. The special sunbathing Gazebos (subjected to charge) lined up at the coast are expecting you to feel the joy of the sea, sand and sun in a more privileged way. While you are sunbathing in the Gazebos, where you feel special, your holiday turns into unforgettable moments with offers of fruit, cold drinks and presentations for you only.

Swimming Pools & Aquapark

A splendid pool joy in the shade of the Palm trees and the clean Mediterranean air… At the main pool, the pool with a waterslide, the Olympic and half-Olympic and children’s pools a real water joy and tasty food are offered to our guests, who want to get cool, sunbathe and have a pleasant time. In the half-Olympic pool that is heated during winter you can enjoy swimming for 4 seasons and have an energetic day.

Tini Kids Club

The Tini Kids Club offers a careful service and limitless fun to the children in effective communication and activities, accompanied by instructors speaking different languages.At the Tini Kids Club the children’s slide pool, the Santa Maria ship and the game room are expecting the children with fun and safe activities.At the Tini Kids Club there are different programs for all children of 04 – 12 ages. It offers a summer holiday with unforgettable memories with children’s shows, birthday celebrations and special shows.


At Titanic Beach Lara entertainment continues day and night. The day pool – beach games, beach parties meet the guests at the outdoor night club Ocean Disco with wonderful dances and shows. Activities: At Titanic Beach Lara while the guests are enjoying the sea and the sun, they also have opportunities to join many activities with water and beach sports. (Water polo, beach volley, basketball, water gymnastics, boccia, karaoke, football)


At Titanic Beach Lara you can enjoy all kinds of water, land or nature sports and besides football, volleyball and basketball, there are opportunities for the guests to have different sports activities in the fully-equipped Fitness room within the BeFine SPA, designed with state-of-the-art technological devices. The Titanic Sports Center is a center preferred by the world’s prominent football, tennis and swimming clubs.

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