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The beach with wooden sunbeds at Titanic Deluxe Lara
Aerial view of the beach with wooden sunbeds at Titanic Deluxe Lara
Beach view from Titanic Deluxe Lara
Beach cabanas from Titanic Deluxe Lara
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The Beach

Experience the refreshing Mediterranean waters and soak up the sun on our 350-meter sandy beach. Along the coast, exclusive private cabanas await, inviting you to relish the pleasures of the sea, sand, and sun in an elevated and privileged manner.

Sink into pure relaxation as you recline upon our luxurious wooden sunbeds, designed for your utmost comfort and convenience. Quenching your thirst becomes effortless amidst the sun-soaked ambiance – simply use our convenient QR code system to order your favorite beverage, right from your sunbed.

Immerse yourself in this idyllic beach experience, where the Mediterranean's allure combines with thoughtful amenities to create an atmosphere of pure bliss.