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Titanic Beach Lara Olympic pool
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At Titanic Beach Lara you can enjoy all kinds of water, land or nature sports and besides football, volleyball and basketball, there are opportunities for the guests to have different sports activities in the fully-equipped Fitness room within the BeFine SPA, designed with state-of-the-art technological devices. The Titanic Sports Center is a center preferred by the world’s prominent football, tennis and swimming clubs.

Football: At Titanic Beach Lara there are 4 professional turf football fields in FIFA standards. Within the hotel there is 1 turf football training field and tribunes.

Tennis: At Titanic Beach Lara there are 4 tartan tennis courts, all illuminated.

The Olympic Pool: The size of the heated Olympic pool is of 750 m2 and it is 1.85 cm deep. The size of the half-Olympic pool is 315 m2 and it is 1.45 cm deep.

Fitness: At Titanic Beach Lara there is a sports’ hall established over an area of 320 m2 and equipped with Techno Gym sports tools.